Our Mission



Art With Elders connects the generations by celebrating the wisdom, talents, and creativity of older adults.


What We Do


AWE provides 2,000 art classes each year for more than 400 seniors in long-term care communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by artist Mark Campbell and taught by a team of dedicated professional Artist Instructors, elders gather in small groups for two hours each week to learn new skills and create art. AWE is distinctive in its program quality; these are not craft activities, but instead the focus is on skill-building —ranging from color and composition to perspective and background.

Realizing the vast potential of the visual arts as a tool to address the challenges of aging, Art With Elders was founded in 1991.


Through art classes and exhibitions, AWE is using the power of creativity to build community and offer seniors connectedness, new skills, expanded modes of expression and, most importantly, joy and meaning.


Additionally, we believe that showcasing the artistic achievements of elder artists helps to challenge the notion that aging is only about decline. Each year, artists submit their work for an annual, juried exhibit. After the opening reception for artists, family, friends, and caregivers, the exhibit then travels to several locations in the Bay Area, where it is viewed by an estimated 30,000 people.