Betty Rothaus celebrates with Reutlinger artist

Virginia Jourdan works with artists at Aspen Healthcare

AWE’s Artist Instructors are practicing and exhibiting professional artists. They have a minimum of a BFA degree (many have MFAs), an affinity for elders, substantial teaching experience, and an ability to adapt their instruction to the diverse needs of their older students. AWE instructors come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and include fluent Russian, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin speakers.

The following professional artists are working in the AWE program:

“Has this work changed my own work? Profoundly. I’ve learned about clarity of expression, using what you have, living in the moment and about taking risks despite doubt. The gifts that the program and the elders themselves have bestowed upon me will require a lifetime to repay.

Mark Campbell

Executive Director, Program Director, Instructor

Laguna Honda, San Francisco

“In working with elders, we are also changing perceptions about what is possible as we age. Many cultural beliefs and myths “define” aging in a negative or limiting way. We find ways to expand possibilities and open the doors to a new life.

Betty Rothaus

Art Director

The Reutlinger Community, Danville

“Convinced that the instructor sets the tone, we are truly fortunate to have Santiago Gervasi as our guide. He brings his love of art, its endless possibilities as well as its challenges to the class, and so much more. His great sense of humor sets everyone at ease and his interest in each person’s development as an artist is as reassuring as it is empowering.”

Kathi Beerbohm

Former Activity Director

Sunrise of Belmont


AWE Artist Instructors Left to right: Mark Campbell, Darcie O’Brien, Patrick St. Clair, Virginia Jourdan, Jason Varner, Insio Che, Mei Mei Everson, Betty Rothaus, Rafael Vieira, Sarah Dwyer, Santiago Gervasi, Yvette Brown, Dmitry Grudsky

L-R: Darcie, Mei Mei, Insio, Virginia, Yvette, Santiago, Veronica, Betty, Dmitry, Min, Mark, and Sarah