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Through in-person and online classes, AWE is able to reach out to seniors to engage their creativity, as well as providing a forum for community building. Classwork is selected for online and on-location exhibits, building a bridge to audiences of all ages.

Weekly classes include a lesson presentation, classwork review, and work time. Classwork is then selected and shared for display in exhibitions online and on location.

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Artists from the AWE program at
Openhouse Bob Ross LGBTQ Senior Center
and Coventry Place
by Spike’s Coffees and Teas
Mon. Jan. 3 – Tues. Feb. 1, 2022

A Visual Story Through Self

This exhibit, “A Visual Story Through Self,” features art and artists from the AWE program at the Openhouse Bob Ross LGBTQ Senior Center. Openhouse works to center the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ older adults by providing opportunities to make social connections and build community. These artists encompass the dynamic diversity that enriches San Francisco. Their artworks were made in community art classes with Art With Elders. AWE uses technology and art to bridge the isolating divide of the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic. This show represents a rich tapestry of varied perspectives woven together through the dynamic language of visual art. These artists’ visual stories remind us that connection is an ongoing creative process that results in an ever-evolving community. 

Artists of Openhouse Bob Ross LGBTQ Senior Center – Instructor Hugh Leeman

“Castro Collage”
Keith Baillie

Keith Baillie is a Brit who worked in Silicon Valley and is now retired in San Francisco. His passion is traveling but the covid shutdown has afforded more time to paint scenes from photos of the city and his travels. He is an untrained, naïve artist primarily using gouache. He is currently a student of Hugh Leeman’s Art for Elders course (through Openhouse).

Castro Collage

“Falling For Fall”
LA Campos de la Garza

Luis de la Garza’s life-long interest in art found him working many years in museums, archives, and libraries managing their collections. Collages and graphic design have been his major artistic output. He participates with other elder community members in San Francisco’s Openhouse art classes taught by Art With Elders instructor Hugh Leeman.

This piece is an expression of what is elicited in the artist when Fall comes around. The color orange permeates his reverie. The rolling hills of northern California come into focus with hues of purple in the sky. Folks in their finery gather around meals and share community and family. Gratitude abounds for having access to that food. These imaginary responses are formed in at his home alone as he continues to face cautionary precautions brought upon by virus variants. Acrylic paint and cutouts from magazines and junk mail were used to create this collage. 

“Abstract with Flowering Vine”
Robert Leone

“I’ve been taking an art class with Hugh Leeman through Openhouse since November of 2020, and I’ve come to rely on it as a mainstay of my week, especially with the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

I look forward to using what I’ve learned and spend several hours each week working on various art projects, which is a new experience for me and very satisfying. I look at everyday things in my life or ideas that have been running around in my head and see how I can incorporate them into my art.”

Lourdes Rivera Pollard

Puerto Rican, born in New York City.  

“In the early 60’s I moved to Big Sur, San Francisco and now I live in
Los Gatos/Santa Cruz mountain.

I love the fact that the AWE program offers Zoom Art class to elders. This has allowed me and others to participate from home by eliminating travel barriers and invisible borders. The AWE program made me realize I missed painting. For the last 30 plus years, my main involvement in the arts had been as a photographer.

Due to COVID 19, being out in the public was not an option for me. With Openhouse AWE, I was able to turn negative into a positive opportunity by participating in a weekly online class with instructor Hugh Leeman. The Saturday class has given me a group of diverse elders to meet with, positive support, and a place to meet, learn, share ideas and make new friends.” 


   Kim Ringle

I am a lesbian artist who has made SanFrancisco her home for the past 45 years. With my trademark “Blue Nails” or signature “Keem” I have worked in all kinds of media from drawing, painting and collage to puppetry and music. 

In the past, I was part of “Hand Ghost Theatre”, now defunct, a puppetry group that designed and created it’s own scripts, puppets, scenery and music. Recently, my collage “Dancers” was a winner in the Openhouse “Pride Inside” 2021 Art Contest.



“She Her They Them”
Fran Schiff

Kered Whitcraft

Kered is legally blind with advanced glaucoma. Nine months ago a friend suggested to try and Art With Elders class. Even though he’s going blind, Kered began to truly “see” for the first time through the creation of art.

“EDM” – Magazine ads and acrylic paint collage:

“I screen capture just several videos of Instagram/TikTock underground trance DJ, Solomon_Keys_Official’s trippy videos. I love attempting to capture what his music feels like to me.”

Artist of Coventry Place – Instructor Hugh Leeman



Rita Gibbs

AWE Community Feature:
AWE at The Sequoias – Featuring artists of The Sequoias with AWE Special Guests

Sept. 13 – Oct. 30, 2021

Always Beginning:
Beginning, Invention, and Discovery

May 15 – Sept. 15, 2021
Link to view exhibit here

“The artist is always beginning” Ezra Pound

with the AWE Open Studios
and Dr. George W. Davis
Senior Center
April 15 – June 15, 2021

Link to View Exhibit

“Radiant Hues” by Larry McCown and “Hillside Deer” by Shirley Keller

The Open Studios are part of our AWESTRUC (Art With Elders Shared Through resourcefully Using Computers) program. The AWESTRUC program, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, consists of online interactive classes held using the Zoom platform. While many of the online classes serve specific senior living communities or day programs, we also offer Open Studio classes for individuals.

Open to all ages and abilities, the Open Studios provide an opportunity for friends and families to join together in art-making, and engage artists living independently from across the U.S. To learn more or sign up, please visit our Online Classes page. This exhibit is accompanied by a video of our Art Share event in which the featured artists talk about their work.
Event Video:

Heartworks: From AWE with Love
AWE Artists celebrate love for Valentine’s Day
Link Here to View Works
February 14 – April 14, 2021









“Heart 1”
Danielle Dossier Lytton Gardens and“Hearts” Shirley Swift The Davis Center

We Dream, We Paint
A collection of recent works by AWE Artists

January 15 – March 15, 2021
Link here to view exhibit works

“It’s All in the Eyes” by John Collister – Saturday Open Studio

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

The Connected Earth and Other Works
A collection of recent works by AWE Artists
15 – January 15, 2021
Link here to view exhibit

“The Connected Earth” by Gloria Ruth and “My Son, Steve” by Rita R. Goldman

Every Canvas is a Journey All It’s Own
Landscapes of the Imagination
September 15 – November 15, 2020

Link here to view exhibit

Partner Site Feature: The Reutlinger Community
September 15 – November 15, 2020 Link Here

Art With Elders has been in partnership with The Reutlinger Community and Artist Instructor Betty Rothaus for many years. This exhibit features work from eleven of her Artist Participants, as well as images and brief biographies of the artists.

Bringing Unique Visions to Life
Full time Artist-in-Residence, Betty Rothaus, MFA, (center above) offers residents individual guidance in bringing their unique vision to life. Within a beautiful fine arts studio, residents who have never created art before, as well as experienced artists, enjoy learning new skills and expressing themselves through drawing, painting in oil, acrylic, pastels or watercolor, sculpting/pottery in clay, collage, textiles, jewelry and/or mixed media.  Exhibitions each year provide a joyous sharing of our residents’ accomplishments with the entire community.
The Reutlinger Community Art Program (https://www.rcjl.org/the-reutlinger/art-program/

Link Here to view show

Featuring works by 85 artists from across the Bay Area
July 15 – September 15, 2020



AWE Artist-Participants respond to the pandemic with creativity.

Susan McCown

Susan, from California, retired to Hawaii where she enjoyed the beauty of nature. As a member of the group, Wise Old Women (WOW), she painted, created pottery, arranged flowers, and learned the art of “Healing Touch.” She returned to Vallejo to be near her family. A resident of Vallejo Hills, she enjoys the sense of community there. She has become a dedicated member of the AWE class. Fellow classmate and husband Larry says of his partner, “She’s an artful soul!”


Fran Marcus

I have enjoyed dabbling in art since I was in elementary school. As an adult, I have taken classes in painting, stained glass, jewelry and mixed media.I taught elementary school for many years and always loved doing art projects with my students.  Often, long after they went home I would find myself drawn back to the art table to experiment with new approaches to the lesson. I enjoy art history and always make it a point to visit art museums when I travel. Since joining AWE in April I have been experimenting with various mediums (watercolors, colored pencils, acrylics, markers, charcoal) and learning techniques for doing landscapes, portraits and abstract art. I find the classes educational,  challenging, relaxing and rewarding. In addition, I find that I really  enjoy making art in community with others.  

Living with Uncertainty


Covid-19 Quilt

Shirley Keller

Spirit Hill Meditation Garden and Art Studio, in Three Rivers, is Keller’s favorite place to be, letting the creative energies have the day. Keller plays with clay, focusing on ceramic masks. Repurposed items like hubcaps, skill saws, horseshoes, and more, are made into art pieces with dots of acrylic. Mixing words and art is her latest exploration on canvas and hubcaps. Gift Cards Keller designs from her photography. Keller’s art work grew out of her love of writing, which she does every morning. Coordinator for 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, a monthly art event.

Let There Be Peace

Mary Ann Taylor

I am a retired elementary teacher. I taught all grades during my career and my favorite grade was fifth, because of the students’ interest and the curriculum. I also taught in Finland and Taiwan. I loved the cultural experience and making lasting friends. I enjoy the Art With Elders’ classes, since I did not have time to study art until I retired.

Kay Talbot

I am indebted to Art With Elders for providing a new experience with art. To me art is a different way of seeing our world. When I was in practice as a life transitions counselor, I used drawing and collage with some of my clients. This was especially effective with adults and children who were grieving a loss. I am the author of a workbook titled “What Happens Next: Messages from Heaven.” It provides space to answer contemplative questions with writing, drawing, and/or painting. I am a resident of Vallejo Hills retirement community in Vallejo where I first learned about AWE. Thank you for your wonderful art courses.

Pandemic Eyes

Chelsea Lee

Chelsea Lee is 8 years old.  This is her first time taking online class with her mother and she enjoyed it very much.  Chelsea completed this “Covid 19” in May for the class theme: Pandemic Response Art.  She said: “I like art because I can be creative and make beautiful artworks.  I like to use color-pencils because it won’t leak through like markers and it is easier than other mediums; it is more focus on drawing which I like it better.”




Pamela Osborne

I love to sit and sketch, not looking at my paper to make sure it “looks” right as a meditative process. When I can bypass all the negative talk in my head, the final art piece always humbles and amazes me. Then I experience what is possible.

Kay Talbot

I am indebted to Art With Elders for providing a new experience with art. To me art is a different way of seeing our world. When I was in practice as a life transitions counselor, I used drawing and collage with some of my clients. This was especially effective with adults and children who were grieving a loss. I am the author of a workbook titled “What Happens Next: Messages from Heaven.” It provides space to answer contemplative questions with writing, drawing, and/or painting. I am a resident of Vallejo Hills retirement community in Vallejo where I first learned about AWE. Thank you for your wonderful art courses.



Louise Gibler

Louise has lived a life “centered in art.” Born in New Jersey, she and her husband Dick met when they were both working for a Superior Court judge. Dick was a landscape painter and she began painting with him, often taking their easels and oils outside to paint together. While living in New Jersey, they began attending classes at the well known Arts Students League in New York at the time when Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keeffe were there. The couple worked and painted together until Dick’s death at the age of 75. She moved to Canada near Toronto where her son was living and joined an art community. “Art,” she says, “saved my life.”

Pandemic 2020
Paula Thompson



Cool Cats Wear Masks
Carol Martin
After so many years of lifetus interruptus, I began painting again now that I am retired and have mucho Covid-19 time on my hands.  High school and college were my painting days of still life and abstracts  with a prize and honorable mentions here and there while living in Colorado.  My inspiration to paint again was late 2019, floral and fauna, but also, began a Fire Art painting in honor and awareness for our firefighters.  Though I am not a professional (yet) and have no special certificates or degrees, I absolutely love working with oils and acrylics painting any subject.  Attempting watercolors and colored pencil, still a challenge. Please check out my website carolsoriginals.com and note my granddaughter’s gallery.  May my legacy be of encouraging my granddaughter to push forward with her talent.
Mandate 2020