Dear Friend,


With the election behind us and the holidays quickly approaching, we at Art With Elders (AWE) are even more committed to ensuring that we are playing our part in uniting our community in something that keeps people hopeful and inspired—artistic expression.


Whether you’re an artist yourself or an art appreciator, you know its power and you can join us by supporting this work that is changing the lives of Bay Area elders—a population that struggles to feel connected and engaged.


One of our elder artists, Paul Hendrickson, whose work was selected for this year’s exhibit said, “I really didn’t think I would ever have created a worthwhile work of art much less something receiving these honors. Thank you and the whole organization for giving me and our entire class the chance to contribute”.


This is what your gift to AWE does. It brings hope and joy to seniors who may be without family, without health, or without a way to express themselves like our friend Paul. Because of your support, every week our incredible team of artist instructors bring their skills, talents, and hearts to more than 40 classrooms throughout the Bay Area, where they foster an environment of learning, expression, connection, and meaning.


This holiday season, give an elder the gift of joy by supporting this life-changing program. Make a gift in honor of someone you love, in gratitude for your own blessings, or simply because you’d like to help us ensure that our work reaches as many older adults as possible.


On behalf of the many elders benefitting from our work together, thank you.







Mark Campbell
Executive Director                          

2016 Annual Letter